What My Clients Say...

All of the following are from anonymous feedback provided through an automated system or through comments in public forums or via email:

“Nathan was FABULOUS!!!!!!!”

“Having classes with Nathan has been a wonderful experience. I very much appreciate not only his excellent technical skills but his kind, gentle, patient style of teaching.”

“Nathan is a fantastic teacher. ... I wish I had a mac at my new job.”

“Nathan is an excellent teacher”

“You did a really great job at making the lesson interesting and simple enough to follow without being too basic. Thanks a lot! “

“Nathan makes learning easy. His customer service is outstanding.”

“Nathan Fullerton is a wealth of knowledge, he is a great teacher and the absolute BEST trainer I have encountered.”

“Just saw your tutorial. VERY very good. Professional tutorial! Interesting, intelligent, well done, clever, lighthearted.... Hope you'll make a lot of other tuts like that one !”

“Nathan is by far the best teacher. He is patient, provides good analogies to wrap our brains around the configuration of using a new system especially for those of us used to PCs.”

“Learned quite a bit in the session. Nathan knew his subject extremely well and knew how to help me learn what I needed and asked to learn.”

“Nathan is an excellent teacher. Patient. He doesn't jump in and start showing. He allows you explore with encouragement. I look forward to learning a great deal.”

“Nathan has been extremely helpful on advanced topics.”

“For a novice like me Nathan took the time to explain the basics in detail and answered all of my questions.”

“Nathan is a fabulous teacher!”

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